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Recreation Grounds & Playing Fields

Local rugby and football teams and cricket clubs in various parts of the City play their matches on land owned by Wade’s Charity, and maintained by Leeds City Council Parks & Countryside Service. These green spaces also provide places to walk, jog, relax, play with the children or for teenagers to meet up to play informal games.


Wade’s works in partnership with the City Council and local sports clubs to improve facilities at these sites when opportunities arise. At Rodley, the Cricket Club has fundraised and built a new pavilion. Wade’s Charity provided grants towards the fitting out of the kitchen and providing an improved electicity supply. 


A small grant from Wade’s enabled the City Council to obtain further funding for the development of a new children’s play area at Raincliffe Recreation Area.


Playing fields and recreation grounds in Wade's ownership are:

Rodley Sports Ground, along the canal off Town Street

Raincliffe Recreation Area

Smithies Garth Recreation Area

Osmondthorpe Playing Fields

Bedquilts Recreation Ground in Adel (partly owned by Wade’s)

Snake Lane Sports Field

Throstle Road Playing Fields in Middleton 

The field behind the former Dog & Gun Pub in Gipton.